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Tony Abbott approaches a group of Year 9 Newtown High School students on an excursion to Parliament House for an impromptu Q&A session — and likely regrets it.

"Bloke’s question".

What a shithead.

His sister’s gay and he still doesn’t give a shit about gay marriage. “I’m getting a clear message, alright” and I’m still going to ignore it. That’s just his modus operandi. Asshole.

But good on those kids for asking the questions.

Excuse me? Did he just dismiss what she had to say because it was a “girl question”?

Yes, he did. This man can take a really long walk off some choice cliffs I know.

My favourite part is that he asks for a “bloke’s question”, being the offensive shithead that he is, picks what he clearly thinks is an easy target, and immediately gets hit with a much harder question. It’s like even that kid is thinking “I’ll give you a bloke’s question, you bigoted dick”.

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